Trevelyan Grey






June 18, 1983 -

Detroit, MI



Seattle, WA



Anastasia Steele



Father, Carrick Grey, mother Grace Trevelyan Grey, brother Elliot & sister Mia Grey



Son, Theodore

Raymond Grey

& daughter,

Phoebe Grey


Christian is born in Detroit. His mother Ella was a drug addict and a prostitute working for an extremely abusive pimp. When Christian is four years old, his mother commits suicide and he is left alone with her body for four days before they are discovered by the police.


Christian continues to have nightmares about the event well into adulthood, and only refers to his birth mother as "the crack whore". When traumatized Christian is brought to the hospital, Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey is the emergency room doctor on staff. She and her husband Carrick Grey adopt Christian into their family, but before the adoption paperwork goes through, he lives with a foster family for several months, along side a ten year old Jack Hyde.


The Greys move to Seattle at some point during Christian's childhood, and Mia Grey is adopted shortly after. Mia's arrival marks a turning point for Christian as he doesn't speak, and is wary of his adoptive older brother Elliot Grey until then.



As an adolescent, Christian has violent mood swings that often get him into fights. When he is fifteen, he takes a landscaping job for his mother's friend Elena Lincoln.


Elena seduces him and introduce him to the BDSM lifestyle, which he credits with teaching him how to control his emotions and channel his anger into positive outlets. She acts as a Domme for him for six years, until her husband finds out.


Christian studies Politics and Economics in Harvard but after two years, he drops out to start his own business. Elena gives him $100,000 for the start up costs. That business eventually grows into Grey Enterprises Holdings, Inc. He continues to practice BDSM, acting as a Dominant. Many of his submissives ere selected for him by Elena. He has fifteen such relationships before meeting Ana.



To the outside world, Christian appears as a handsome, business-savvy, and charming young man. However, he has a "dark side" as he secretly practices BDSM.



Christian is tall, lean yet muscular, and broad-shouldered, with dark copper-colored hair and intense, bright gray eyes. He keeps in shape by kickboxing and running. As quoted by Anastasia, "He is not merely good looking - he is the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking."



After months of rumors and speculation, EL James revealed via her twitter account on September 2, 2013 that Christian Grey would be played by Charlie Hunnam.


However, on October 12, 2013, it was announced that Hunnam had dropped out of the film. He was replaced by Irish actor Jamie Dornan on October 23, 2013.






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